Grooming Club Card

We do have a grooming club.  It requires to purchase a grooming club card for $1.00, bring your pet in to be fully groomed approx every two months, and receive a 1/2 off grooming after the sixth punch of your card.  The card is good for one year, one card per pet and can not be used with other offers.

     Pet of the Month

Each month we do have a drawing for the Pet of the Month.  We ask you to bring in a picture of your pet to be able to put them on the Pet Pals Hall of Fame wall.  They receive a 1/2 off grooming and their picture displayed on a special board to show them off for the month.


For your convenience, we will be offering...
Beginning in January, 2013
Please call for details!

Welcome to Messy Tessy's Pet Grooming! We are a full service, all breed, dog and cat grooming facility.  We have been in the same location of 10643 Business 21, Hillsboro, Missouri since April 2004.  I, Theresa, have been in the grooming industry for 25 years.  I worked in West Couny as a shop manager for 15 years and decided to come to the town I live to open my own shop.  We have four full time groomers/bathers.  We all have pets of our own and treat all our pet pals as part of our own family.  We do try to accommodate all of our clients schedules to the best of our ability.  Some pets stay a couple of hours and others all day.  Which ever the case may be, they do have their time to be able to go out for a quick walk and also a water break.  We know how everyone's busy lives are and try to help out.  That is why we have our Saturday hours for those who can't make it during the week.  The normal amount of time your pet is here depends on the amount of grooming your pet requires and the busyness of the day.  We would love for you to become part of our pet family. So just remember...    "If your pet is messy bring them to Tessy's!"

    Our services included in each grooming are a regular shampooing, cleaning ears, checking anal glands, clipping nails, and basic brushing of your pet.  There may be an additional charge if it takes extra time for de matting or de shedding.  The normal grooming time your pet is here is approx 3-4 hours depending on the extent of the grooming or busyness of the day.  We do try to take extra time for those pets that require more brushing do to the excessive amount of coat from shedding.  We have a solution that is applied, after the normal shampooing, called Oxy-Med that is left on for 5-10 minutes, depending on the coat, then rinsed.  Then we use a high velocity dryer to get more coat released, also a de shedding tool to get the rest of the extra coat out.  If used on a regular basis, the process helps keep down the hair that is flying in our homes.  For an FYI, this processes does NOT stop shedding.  It just keeps it a bit more under control.

    We also do have cat grooming that other grooming shops may not offer.  Cats require a lot more attention to groom and usually two or more groomers to do them.  We have several cat clients that come on a regular basis.  Just like dogs, they get used to one grooming shop doing them and tend to have a more comfortable experience.  We do treat all our clients pets like part of our own family.